ALD's 90th Anniversary

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Each year, ALD offers several different awards for individuals and for chapters!

Individual Awards

Financial Awards

ALD awards over $190,000 in scholarships and fellowships annually.  All ALD awards are merit-based, not need-based.

  • The Jo Anne J. Trow Scholarships are awarded to outstanding sophomores, to be used during their junior year.  36 awards are presented annually:
    • Five awards of $6,000
    • Five awards of $3,000
    • Five awards of $2,000
    • 21 awards of $1,000
  • The James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships are awarded to ALD members who are pursuing studies abroad.  These are the newest ALD awards; twenty $1,000 awards are presented each year.
  • The Alpha Lambda Delta Graduate Fellowships are presented to ALD members who are pursuing graduate or professional study at an accredited, US-based school.  Each year, 23 Fellowships are awarded:
    • One Maria Leonard Fellowship of $7,500
    • Ten awards of $5,000
    • Twelve awards of $3,000

Other Individual Awards

In addition to the above awards, Alpha Lambda Delta members may receive the Maria Leonard Senior Book Award, which is presented by each chapter (participation varies) to the graduating ALD member with the highest GPA in each class.  The award is presented as a high-quality book (usually coffee-table style) with a custom award bookplate.

Alpha Lambda Delta advisors may be nominated by their student members for the Outstanding Advisor of the Year award.  Each year, the chapter whose advisor is selected as the Advisor of the Year will receive a $200 cash award from National ALD.

Chapter Awards

National Alpha Lambda Delta offers two awards for chapters: the Order of the Torch and Maintaining the Flame.

  • The Order of the Torch is presented to up to five chapters each year.  Chapters are evaluated based on involvement, communication, visibility, and the quality of their application.  Winning chapters receive a custom-embroidered banner, a visit from a National ALD officer to present the award, and an expenses-paid trip for one student to the annual National Leadership Workshop.
  • For the four years following their win, Order of the Torch chapters cannot apply for the award again.  During this ineligibility period, chapters are encouraged to apply for Maintaining the Flame.  The Maintaining the Flame award is judged on the same criteria as the Order of the Torch and winners are presented with an embroidered patch to add to their Order of the Torch banner.

Note: As of 2011, the Lampadia Chapter Website awards have been discontinued.  Chapter websites/social networks will be evaluated as part of Order of the Torch/Maintaining the Flame competitions from now on.