The Order of the Torch

Order of the Torch

The Order of the Torch is the annual award for the most outstanding chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta in the nation.  Chapters submit a scrapbook, describing their activities during the past year.  The scrapbooks are then judged by a committee of National Council members, and the winning chapters are presented with an award banner at a special ceremony!  

The 2015 Order of the Torch Recipients:

Maintaining the Flame

Chapters who are awarded the Order of the Torch are ineligible to apply for the award for the next four years.  To reward chapters that have continued to excel in programming, activities, and service, the National Council awards the Maintaining the Flame award to chapters who are ineligible for the Torch.  Winners receive a patch to affix to their Order of the Torch banner. Applications are identical to Order of the Torch applications, but don't require the letter of support from a campus official.

The 2015 Maintaining the Flame Recipients: